Me there!

Hiten Sharma

Python & Web Developer

Who am I ?

Hey! I am a Web Developer , AI Enthusiast and a mentor to my juniors. I to put small things together to build Big things that work amazingly. Most of my work is open sourced. I still have a lot of things to try on my list and I don't plan to stop just now

How I do what I do?

I don't need a cup of coffee or a headphone with jazz music to code, just my laptop and a Wi-Fi connection is enough. I do a lot of things() but I consider myself best at , & (obviously). For the backend, I mostly use or with as the version control system. For the Database, I like and

How to find me on the web?

You can possibly find me everywhere by the username htadg (except on and some dark sites 😇). Just "htadg" and the first link should be me. I am also available on for anyone who wants to hire me. As for the other platforms, all that is left is on the main card!

How to Hire me?

Shoot me an at sharmahiten3@gmail.com
Message me on at @htadg